Thursday 24 January 2013

Salicylate Challenge - take 2

Oshawott (obviously not his real name for those of you that are new to iSophie) is intolerent to Salicylates.  You can read my first post about it here.

Now that you are all caught up...

In December I took Oshawott to see a Dietician, the appointment had been arranged by the Outpatient Paediatrician at the hospital.  This whole Salicylate saga has been ongoing for over a year, but had come to the forefront in August when he was hopitalised with Scarlet Fever.   We had an issue with a medication reaction, and the follow up appointments, including the skin prick test did nothing to help me figure out anything further in regard to his apparent Salicylate intolerance and constant itchy skin.

The Dietician was the next step in the process.  Unlike the Dr himself, the Dietician didn't treat me like a crazy person when I mentioned all of the trouble we have had with Salicylates.

 Playing in the waiting room.  "When balloons attack!"

We had a lovely long (and sane) chat, and I felt a glimmer of hope that finally we might actually get some support.  We left with a tube of toothpaste (completely 'safe') and a plan of action.

That plan was systematically go through the "Food Challenges" one at a time to see what reactions occur.

We started straight away.  A week on the fail safe diet, and then 7 days of eating Salicylates.  Well, that -was- the plan.  But after the first day, Oshawott woke up with a stomach ache and aching joints and was unable to go to Preschool.  I rang the Dietician and she told me to stop the Salicylate challenge, mentioning that he must be quite sensitive.   

He was feeling really unwell so Coder took him to the local GP to make sure.  She thought it was possibly Gastro (yet he did not vomit), as there had been quite a few cases showing up lately.   He told her about the challenge and she said to wait until he was all better and try it again, and that way we would know for sure.

I didn't do that straight away, it was Christmas time, I didn't want to take the chance he would feel like that.

Today, I started him on the Salicylate Challenge again.  He had unpreserved apple juice and honey, making up the required serving amount.  Tonight he suddenly had a sore throat and tummy.  He had a later bedtime so we could monitor him, and once in bed he was very sweaty (but no fever).  I have been checking on him every so often, and I will sleep next to him tonight.  (I will update this tomorrow with how he is going).

I will see how he is in the morning before I officially check that box.  And then he will go back onto the fail safe diet before we attempt the Amines Challenge next week.  

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