Saturday 18 August 2012

Habits. The good, the bad, and the embarrassing!

So after spending 7 days in hospital, and basically not leaving his side the whole time, some habits have formed.

Oshawott is now quite the bossy boots, very demanding, and easily upset.  Basically I just put up with whatever he threw at me, because he was sick and miserable.  Since being home though, some of the behaviour has continued.  For a few days we let it slide, hoping he would just go back to the old ways. But we have had to start calling him out on things, which in turn, makes him upset.  

"Don't push your brother please."  (spoken nicely yet results in a "WHAAA!")
"You have to take turns."  ("No!")
"Please eat your dinner." ("I SAID I WANTED PIZZA!")  No.. you didn't.
"I asked you if you wanted that before we started driving, and you said no." ("But I want it NOW")
When I give him any food. ("I need milk/water/spikey drink!!)

Overall, a bossy boots.  A loud one.  "Please" seems to have left the vocabulary.

One amusing comment he made at the hospital, after discovering the nasal tube providing oxygen had been removed, was "I'm happy that thing is gone because now I can do this!" (demonstrating a finger disappearing act).  Delightful.

Because he needed to wash every mouthful of food down with water or milk he then needed to use the toilet more often.  This was not always convenient after leaving the hospital (they have special bottles for that sort of thing when you cant get out of bed easily because of tubes and cords).  The first emergency was when he was waiting in the car with Coder while I ran into the chemist to get his script filled.  He suddenly needed to do a wee.  Stat!   Coder had to think quick and found an empty bottle in the car.  I just hope a homeless man didn't find the 'apple juice' in the nearby bin later that night.

Since then, he is still in the habit of needing to drink (alot) when he eats.  So he really needs to wee more often.  And often when we are in the car. This has happened numerous times, so much so, I make sure I always have an empty bottle in the car.  Thank goodness he is a boy!

One embarrassing moment, where an existing habit reared it's head was while trying to talk to 2 doctors who were deciding if they would send us home or not. Oshawott was trying to eat his dinner and opened his omelette filled mouth, exclaiming how hot it was.  Not unusual I know.  But he was waiting for me to cool it down the way I normally would, by blowing on the food (while it was in his mouth).  Disgusting?  Yes I know.  That's just me being not only lazy but not wanting him to spit it out and use it as an excuse not to eat.  It was the first proper meal he had attempted to eat in 5 days so I certainly wasn't going to discourage that!

Good habits.  

Ok, so not so many good habits. But he is drinking alot more fluids!  

Pichu had to go without Mummy for 7 bedtimes, and any subsequent night wakings.  He gives Daddy alot more attention now, he yells "DADDDDY!" when Coder returns from work (or even walking the dog).  So my absence certainly helped them bond alot more.  Daddy was there for bedtime and night wakings, ready to pat Pichu back to sleep.  Grandma looked after him alot during the day, feeding him, changing him and trying to avert any tantrums (it's a fine line we walk with Pichu's moods).  Pichu stores that kind of information, tucks it away in his little mind.  Daddy and Grandma are both now on the very short list (previously one name) of people he accepts as caregiver/nurturer/supplier of food.

Taken at the airport the day Grandma went home.  I had wanted to get Pichu in the photo also, but he was busy having a tanty on the floor. 

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  1. Hopefully it doesn't take long to get rid of those tricky new quirks he has picked up, I feel privileged that D and I are sometimes on Pichu's list :-) LR

    1. He actually let Coder put him to bed the other night while I was here!

  2. Glad to hear you and your boy are home now :) Tough times I know and a few tantrums and habits - good or bad - can be fixed with some time and persistence... Main thing is that your boy is home and you can start to get on with some kind of normal(whatever that may be!) I'm battling tantrums with a little girl who is so head strong lately and thinks she can tell her mummy what to do and how to do it!

    Oh... Motherhood... Wouldn't it have been helpful if there was a book about all this fun stuff! Maybe call it... "Things y'all need to learn BEFORE having children!" But even with all the warnings I wouldn't trade my Little Ray of Sunshine for the world!

    1. IF there was a book like that, Im sure no one would possibly believe some of the things in it! Would be a hilarious read though!

  3. Oh dear bad habits are unfortunately so easy to pick up but can be corrected, just a much longer process unfortunately. It sounds like you have had a rough time and I am so glad that your little boy is back home and on the mend. I popped over from Jane's (Planet Baby) blog to say "hello" and congrats on your award. xx


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